23 October 2005

Finger Out Our Demons.

my biggest lonely is a demon. makes want so many bodies. must Gabriel and smite my sex with swords. shove aside all the silly stripes and spots. sex crosses eyes. bends my knees in sultry spinning slow and up worship. his body and movement is constant and change is my new religion. truth is under microscope his eyes. love is when we've sexed the sex out of us. and still need each other. is undeniable reason for being. is only to find one. find and forget about looking for big white clouds to save us. 'cause we can save ourselves. with a little bit of love his head on my chest and the hairs. were shy to show each other. confessions and looking up at crucifix. just want to run hands down line they must have methodically chiseled that v down his white pelvis that stops where cloth you know shouldn't be there. is covering up natural and right and real and something to be proud and praise and want to pull. all of that Jesus into your Eucharist. palms open. mouth kneeling tongue. out to put teeth in wine and all prickles up leg. wrapped around this worship. on the alter sacrifice and spasm, pain and push, and pain and moan, and push and take. and this is where we come from. this is where all the demons are baked and broken.

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Ktrion said...

Bless you, brother for being your queer chicano self! you come closer to the divine with your passion than your mama's platitudes ever will!